The TOC-2 is constructed of satin finished stainless steel, type 304. Cooker operating at a max. 15 psi (103kPa). Oyster Cooker will tilt on kettle trunnions having lifetime “O” ring seals. Ease of tilting is provided with a right tilt handle and a pouring lip is provided to direct fluid flow. Oyster Cooker is supported on kettle trunnions by left and right legs and a centre rigid leg provides level support. The right leg has a steam control valve to regulate steam entry into the jacket. The left leg provides a means for removing condensate formed in the jacket.


  • Remote steam source – max. 15 psi (103kPa)
  • Steam trap for each oyster cooker
  • One safety relief valve for one or more units connected to the same steam supply line (See reverse)
  • Steam shut off valve in steam line convenient and adjacent to unit
  • If steam source is a considerable distance away from oyster cooker, condensate will likely form in the steam line and will require a ball float trap for removal of condensate



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