The GWTS-30 and GWTS-40 features a stainless steel cover with spring assist hinges, full width handle, no-drip condensate guide and vent port with swing cover. The pan shall have a sloped front and can pivot on side trunnions connected to the gear and control consoles for easy tilting and pour control, and will include a removable pour strainer. Pan is formed from 10 gauge 304 stainless steel with a #4 finish exterior and polished interior with coved corners for ease of cleaning. Cooking surface shall be of 3/4” triple-ply construction with 3/8” thick aluminum core ensuring even heat distribution over entire cooking surface.

Controls are housed in a drip proof stainless steel console, and include wall mount brackets. Controls include solid state thermostat, temperature light, pan tilt interlock switch, ignition light, high limit thermostat and electronic ignition are all enclosed in the left hand console. The right hand console houses the tilting mechanism which can allow the pan to tilt forward a full 90̊ for complete emptying and shall be self locking for positive stop action. A three piece split cover shall be provided for faucet installation on right console.

The skillet operates on a temperature range of 100̊F to 450̊F (38̊C to 232̊C) and high temperature cut-off set at 536°F(280°C).

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  • 220 VAC, 1 phase, 50/60 Hz (GSVS-1)
  • Etched liter markings (LMS-30, LMS-40)
  • 2″ draw off valve with strainer (TVT-2)
  • 3” draw off valve with strainer (TVT-3)
  • Correctional Package
  • In wall carrier (Contact Factory)


  • Pan carrier (PC-1)
  • Steam pan insert (SPI-30, SPI-40)
  • 12” Single pantry faucet with swing spout (SF-12)
  • 12” Double pantry faucet with swing spout (DF-12)
  • Single pantry rinse spray head with 68” hose (SP-RSH)
  • Double pantry rinse spray head with 68” hose (DP-RSH)




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