Economical, reliable, and simple to operate, our versatile sterilizer applications provide the highest standards of sterilizing performance for technical facilities such as laboratories, veterinary clinics, food processing plants, dairy processing plants, wineries, fisheries, and more. While small on the outside, our popular Sterilmatics model has as much internal capacity as many large, more costly conventional sterilizers and up to five times the capacity of smaller tabletop units. Market Forge’s sterilizers are fitted for various tools, including glass beakers, pipettes, test tubes and flasks, metal and plastic instruments, syringes, needles, brushes, rubber gloves, catheters, rubber tubing, dressings, linens, Petri dishes, and more.


Simple to Operate

Minimize complexity while maximizing productivity. Even our advanced features are intuitive and easy to learn.

Sleek, Space-Saving Design

It’s what’s on the inside that counts, so our sterilizers are mostly made of storage capacity.

Impressive Capacity

With a focus on maximizing internal capacity, our sterilizers can store more than even other, larger units from competitors.

Programable Controller

Store multiple temperatures, timings, and vent settings that can be controlled via LCD display touch screen.



Power Source

Power Level


Temperature Controls

Domestic or Export