Enjoy the extraordinary flexibility and utility of Firex’s automatic Multicooker. Each model’s electronic interface allows you to program temperatures and times to obtain the perfect cook from a simple tap. With features such as timed basket immersion, automatically elevating and tilting baskets, and built-in water replenishment systems, the multicooker practically runs itself, freeing you to focus on other tasks. Comes in gas, electric, and steam models.


Timed Baskets Immersion

Automatically elevating and tilting baskets (even with closed lids) that are removable for cleaning operations.

Up to 480 Liter Capacity

Choose from 21 models featuring between 120 to 480 liters of storage in single or dual-tank capacity.

Extraordinary Flexibility

Cook pasta, rice, boiled meat, vegetables, broths, and more.

Electronic Automation

Easy and intuitive to use, Firex’s automation station lets you program and control every step of the cooking process.




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