This Line Of Firex Braising Pans Are Fully Automated Cooking Units. Take The Labor Out Of The Production Of Large Volume Products And Increase The Consistency, Including Automated Controlled Stirring And Heating Through A Large Variety Of Programming To Customize And Adapt To Any Recipe. Stews, Braises, Beans, Pastry Products All Can Be Very Accurately Controlled By Breaking Down Your Recipe Into Steps And Saving The Program For Consistency. 3 Zone Wall Heating System. Recipes Can Be Transferred From Unit To Unit Via USB Port. HACCP Ready.


High capacities for your cooking needs

Designed to accommodate the any product needs

Sauté, Scramble, Sear, and More

All in the same tilting skillet that can handle soups and sauces. That's the power of versatility. Pour spoutsTo aid in transferring food into other containers when the skillet is tilted, the majority of models have a pour spout or full-width pour lip on the front rim of the pan.

Stainless steel construction

Made from corrosion resistant stainless steel.




Capacity (gallon)

Power Source

Tilt Mechanism

Power Level


Cover Type

Autoclave (Pressurized)