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Cucimix Gas Tilt Braising Pan With Mixer, 34 Gallon, Autoclave – 95,500BTU, 5.8PSI

Product Overview

This line of Firex braising pans are Fully Automated Cooking Units. Take the labor out of the production of large volume products and increase the consistency, including automated controlled stirring and heating through a large variety of programming to customize and adapt to any recipe.

Stews, Braises, Beans, Pastry Products all can be very accurately controlled by breaking down your recipe into steps and saving the program for consistency. 3 zone wall heating system. Recipes can be transferred from unit to unit via USB port. HACCP ready.



  • Heating by means of high efficiency stainless steel tube burners
  • Automatic ignition and flame control system without pilot burner
  • Heating controlled by electronic board
  • Temperature control by system with two probes (product/bottom)
  • Pressure cooking with automatic system for eliminating air from the cooking container (for cooking with saturated steam) and automatic steam condensation after cooking to allow fast and safe lid opening without steam dispersion in the room
  • Automatic mixing device with three arms and PTFE scrapers, completely removable to make cleaning easier, with regulation directly from the control panel according to the product to be processed
  • Electronic control by means of multifunctional keyboard with Touch Screen 7” and easy and clear messages
  • USB connection to download HACCP data, update the software and load cooking programs
  • Ability to interrogate the machine using communication protocol MODBUS over RS485 serial interface


  • Cleaning shower (CADE0010)
  • Kit wheels (D150)
  • Set feet (DAPF0010)
  • Strainer (PAF0702)
  • Extra scraper vertical mixer (CAPV2040)
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