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Electric Convection Steamer, 24″ Steel Cabinet, 2-10 Pan Cap

Product Overview

The SX-34EC and SX-55EC are convection steamers with individual electric steam generators for each cavity, c-CSA-us and NSF Certified. The steamers are constructed of #4 finish stainless steel, type 304. The cooking chamber is a one piece all welded, type 316 stainless steel with coved corners. The heavy duty door has an inner liner of stainless steel, with a full perimeter gasket seal, an outer liner of one piece all welded stainless steel, and a positive lock and seal mechanism with spring release. Each compartment is provided with removable stainless steel pan supports. A stainless steel drip trough shall be integrally connected to the drain to collect condensate when the doors are opened.

The control housing is constructed of stainless steel with a full access removable panel. The controls include an illuminated three way power switch (On/Off/Delime), a pilot ready light, a pilot cooking light, a 60 minute electric timer which sounds an audible signal at the end of the cooking cycle and solid state generator controls. Steam flow to the cooking chamber shall be cut off when the door is opened and reactivated when the door is closed.

Standard features include a water treatment system, automatic generator blow down, de-lime mode power setting, de-lime port located at the rear of the unit for each generator, and split water connections for simple hook up for a treated water system. The steamer shall be mounted on 23” high (for 10 pan), or 28” high (for 7 pan) with all stainless steel constructed cabinet base with operable door for storage and 6” high stainless steel legs fitted with 4 adjustable flanged feet for floor anchoring.



  • Water Treatment System
  • Stainless steel construction
  • 316 stainless steel cooking chamber
  • POWERFUL self-contained atmospheric steamer
  • Unique, high output steam injectors for quick recovery and increased production


  • 380 VAC, 3 Phase, 50/60 Hz (SEVS-1)
  • 480 VAC, 3 Phase, 50/60 Hz (SEVS-2)
  • 575 or 600 VAC, 3 Phase, 60Hz (specify) (SEVS-3)
  • 120 minute timers
  • High sensitivity level controls (R.O. water) (HSB-)
  • Continuous Steam Mode (CSF-)
  • Load Compensated timers (LCT-2)
  • Correctional package
  • Pan guides in cabinet (SX-34EC only)(SEPG-1)
  • Single pantry spray hose and bracket (SP-RSH)
  • Double pantry spray hose and bracket (DP-RSH)
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