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Electric Tilting Kettle On Modular Base, 25 Gallon, 24 kW

Product Overview

This stainless steel cabinet base electric steam kettle is capable of BIG things. Tilting type shall tilt nearly upright to allow complete emptying of contents under positive control by turning removable crank. Tilting may be stopped at any time without kettle settling back.

Cooking temperature is controlled with a steam control valve located on the right side of cabinet top. A hot and cold water fill faucet with swing spout shall be located on cabinet top. Kettle shall be equipped with a 2” (51mm) sanitary draw-off valve which shall be enclosed for sanitary purposes. This valve will empty into a swing drain which shall be removable without tools and shall be equipped with a removable stainless steel strainer. Unit shall include a one-piece counter-balanced stainless steel cover.



  • Water Treatment System
  • Available in 25 and 40 gallon capacity
  • 2/3 jacketed, type 316 stainless steel liner
  • Automatic fill and cold water condenser system
  • All stainless steel, equipped with easy-to-clean cover, sanitary draw-off valve with removable strainer, removable swing drain and hot and cold water fill faucets
  • Easy transfer of foods with exclusive Market Forge pan support that positions pan just below kettle lip throughout tilting operation
  • Modular cabinets enclose kettle, steam pipes, safety valve, low water cut-off, sight gauge and pressure gauge
  • 4 flanged adjustable 6” stainless steel legs counter-balanced lid with insulated knob
  • Comes with standard manual tilt or optional power tilt
  • ASME certified boiler is self contained within modular base


  • 4 piece kettle brush kit (KBPK-1)
  • 6 piece kettle brush utensil kit (KBUK-1)
  • Power tilt mechanism (MT-PT)
  • Prison package options available
  • 60” water hose with quick disconnect (2) required. (#98-4216)
  • Lip strainer (TKS-25MT & TKS-40MT)
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