40 Gallon Gas Short Height Tilting Kettle, Quad Leg, 125,000 BTU

Product Overview

Market Forge model FT-40GLS is a gas fired, self contained, fully insulated, steam jacketed kettle, ASME Code stamped, National Board Registered, AGA, CGA and NSF certified for operation up to 50 PSI. A double wall kettle interior forms a steam jacket around the lower 2/3 of the kettle. The jacket enclosure contains factory sealed distilled water. The kettle interior is constructed of stainless steel, type 316 for high acid content cooking. Kettle exterior is fully insulated. The bottom of the kettle is of hemispherical design for superior heat circulation.

The recessed control panel is located on the front right side of the unit, in full view of the operator and easy to use. Standard controls include a solid state direct immersion thermostat for temperature control from 165°F to 275°F (74°C to 135°C), water sight glass, cooking light, pressure gauge and electronic ignition with ignition indicator light. Safety features include low water shut off with indicator light, pressure switch, pressure relief valve and 100% safety gas shutoff valve.

The kettle pivots on trunnions connected to the power tilt mechanism and control console. The tilt mechanism allows the kettle to tilt past 90° forward for complete emptying. The console is constructed of drip proof, stainless steel clad and is supported on all welded 1-5/8” (41 mm) stainless steel legs fitted with flange adjustable feet for securing to the floor.



  • Short-height kettle (FT-40GLS) has a height of 36 inches for improved ergonomics
  • 316 Stainless Steel liner
  • Rated for operation to 50 PSI
  • Optional spring assist hinged cover
  • Electric ignition, pressure gauge, safety valve and high/low water cut-off
  • Six foot cord and 3 prong plug
  • Tilting mechanism is self locking positive stop action will allow the kettle to tilt past 90° for complete emptying
  • Optional draw-off valves available


  • 208-240 VAC operation (specify voltage)
  • Spring assist stainless steel cover (CH-40GF)
  • 2″ (50 mm) tangent draw-off valve with
    perforated strainer (TVT-2)
  • 3″ (76 mm) tangent draw-off valve with
    perforated strainer (TVT-3)
  • Etched gallon markings (GM-40)
  • Etched litre markings (LM-152)
  • Single pantry faucet with swing spout (SF-18)
  • Double pantry faucet with swing spout (DF-18)
  • Single pantry kettle filler (SP-KF-GK)
  • Double pantry kettle filler (DP-KF-GK)
  • Correctional package
  • Tri-basket assembly (TBA-40GF)
  • Graduated measuring strip (CMS-40GF)
  • Solid stainless steel disc for draw off (TSS-)
  • Strainer hook (SH)
  • Lip strainer (TKS-40GF)
  • Pan carrier (PC-4)
  • Draw-off valve hose kit (DVHK-2)



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