Direct Steam Mixer Kettle on Legs, 40+40 Gal./151+151 Liters

Product Overview

The DLTM-40-2, DLTM-60-2, DLTM-80-2, and DLTM-100-2 feature a welded stainless steel type 304 satin finish. A double wall kettle interior forms a steam jacket around the lower 2/3 of the kettle with 316 stainless steel liner for high acid content products. The bottom of the kettle is of hemispheric design for maximum heat transfer. The tubular legs are constructed of stainless steel pipe fitted with four hole, adjustable, flanged feet for securing to the floor. A sealed stainless steel tilt mechanism shall permit the kettle to tilt forward a full 90° for complete emptying. The tilt mechanism is self locking for positive stop action.

The mixer is a variable speed unit powered by a 5 hp electric motor driving a hydraulic pump. Two agitators are included, a primary stainless steel scraper/agitator, and a secondary high speed mixer. Both agitators are removable for cleaning and no tools are required for removal.

The console front provides the main power switch, mixer lift switch and variable speed control.

The bridge is constructed of 10 gauge stainless steel and contains two heavy duty hydraulic motors to drive the agitators. The bridge is power tilt, and swings 140° out of the way for kettle tilting or cleaning.



  • 316 Stainless Steel liner
  • 2/3 Jacketed
  • Hydraulic power tilt bridge
  • Flanged feet
  • 35 PSI
  • 10 year hemi warranty (see warranty statement for full details)


  • Swing faucet on left or right console
  • 2” manual butterfly valve (BV-2)
  • 3” manual butterfly valve (BV-3)
  • 480 VAC, 60 Hz, 3 Phase (for motor)
  • Ball float trap (BFT-)
  • Quick chill system (QCS-)
  • Steam control assembly (STA-)
  • High pressure operation (HP-50)
  • Two piece lift off cover (MC-)
  • Strainer for butterfly valve (MKS)
  • Etched gallon markings (GM)
  • Etched litre markings (LM)
  • Pour lip strainer (TKS-)
  • Kettle heat shield (KHS-)



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