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Direct Steam Kettle, Tilt Tri-Leg, 60 Gal, 2/3 Jacket

Product Overview

This line of Crown kettles features a double wall kettle interior which forms a steam jacket around the lower 2/3 of the kettle. The bottom of the kettle is of hemispherical design for superior heat circulation.

The tri-leg mounting frame (60,80,&100 on 4 legs) of stainless steel pipe supports the kettle and tilt console, conceals the steam piping and houses the steam control valve and tilt mechanism. Each leg is fitted with a 4 hole adjustable flanged foot for securing to the floor. The tilt mechanism permits the kettle to tilt forward a full 90° for complete emptying. The tilting mechanism is self locking for positive stop action.

Unit is constructed of all welded #4 finish stainless steel, type 304. The interior liner is standard 316 for high acid content cooking. Faucet bracket included.



  • 316 Stainless Steel liner
  • 2/3 Jacketed
  • Console mounted steam inlet valve
  • Faucet bracket
  • Hand powered crank
  • Flanged feet
  • 10 year hemi warranty (see warranty statement for full details)


  • 50 PSI (345kPa) high pressure operation for higher cooking temperature
  • 2″ (50 mm) draw off-valve (TVT-2) with perforated strainer (TPS-)
  • 3″ (76 mm) draw off-valve (TVT-3) with perforated strainer (TPS-)
  • Spring assist hinged cover for 20, 30 or 40 gallon models (CH-)
  • Etched gallon markings (GM-)
  • Etched litre markings(LM-)
  • One piece lift off cover (C-)
  • Triple basket assembly (TBA-)
  • Steam control assembly (STA-2)
  • Single pantry faucet with swing spout (SF-18)
  • Double pantry faucet with swing spout (DF-18)
  • Solid stainless steel disc for draw-off valve (TSS-)
  • Graduated measuring strip (CMS-)
  • Strainer hook (SH)
  • Pour lip strainer (TKS-)
  • Pan carrier (PC-4)
  • Kettle heat shield (KHS-)
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