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Direct Steam Pressure Steamer, 2 Compartments, Wall Mounted, 115V

Product Overview

The DC(P,L,orW)-2 and DC(P,L,orW)-3 are constructed of all-welded type 304 #4 finished stainless steel. The doors have a removable inner liner of aluminum plate with full perimeter gasket seal, an outer liner of one piece welded stainless steel and a wheel and screw closing mechanism. The doors, with a clear opening of 10-1/4” x 26-3/8” (260 mm x 670 mm), latch upon closing and open 15° upon latch release.

Compartment operation has a maximum pressure of 6 psi (41 kPa). The control housing is constructed of #4 finish stainless steel with a full-access removable panel. The timing of each compartment is independently controlled by an automatic timer control with visible and audible signals. At the end of the cooking cycle, the controls automatically shut off and exhaust the incoming steam, drain the condensate from the compartment, and sounds a continuous signal until turned off manually. Each cooking compartment comes standard with universal pan supports.



  • Wall mount
  • Manual controls
  • Automatic timers
  • Universal pan guides
  • Direct Steam c/w PRV pressure reducing valve
  • “Y” strainer


  • 220 or 240 VAC operation (specify voltage)(DBVS-1)
  • Correctional package
  • Wire shelf rack (SSR-PC)
  • Ball float trap (BFT)
  • Spray and rinse assembly
  • Sheet pan supports (SPS-PC1 or SPS-PC2)
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