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Gas Boiler, 24″ Cabinet, 115V, 200K BTU

Product Overview

The CG models are a gas fired steam boiler suitable for operation at any pressure from 5-15 psi (34-103 kPa) and to operate on 115 VAC.

Polished #4 finish stainless steel cabinet base is of a modular design. Unit is equipped with 6” (152 mm) stainless steel legs with adjustable flanged feet, reinforced stainless steel countertop, and hinged doors with magnetic latches. All piping is confined within cabinet.

Unit comes standard with automatic water level control, pressure gauge, water gauge glass, pressure control with secondary safety pressure control, safety relief valve, split water line, automatic boiler blowdown, CSD-1 boiler controls, steam take-off kit, and electronic ignition.

Thermostatically controlled cold water automatically condensates exhausted steam into water before releasing it to the drain.



  • Water Treatment System
  • CSD-1 boiler controls
  • Automatic boiler blowdown
  • Electronic ignition
  • Steam take off kit


  • 220 VAC operation (GBVS-1)
  • Pressure reducing valve (PRV-2)
  • Correctional package
  • Ball float trap (BFT)
  • Water in “Y” strainer (Condenser feed)
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