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Universe Plus, Electric Floor Model Tilt Skillet, 40 Gallon, Closed Base, 18 kW

Product Overview

The Market Forge electric Universe Plus tilting skillets are available in 30-gallon (114-liter), 12kW and 40-gallon (152-liter), 18 kW pans. Both models are available in open-leg and closed base frame assemblies with manual or power tilt capabilities. Pan is formed from 10 gauge T-304 stainless steel with a #4 finish exterior and polished interior with coved corners for ease of cleaning. Heating is accomplished by electric elements cast embedded in a full 1-3/8” (35 mm) thick aluminum casting bolted to the underside of the pan for even heat distribution across the entire surface.

Units are equipped with (4) 6” (152mm) stainless steel adjustable flanged feet as standard. The balanced design allows the operator to easily and quickly tilt to the desired position. Our new power tilt operates smoothly, with manual override that works easily when needed without the use of tools or drills as required by other manufactures.



  • Pan is 304 stainless steel with a polished interior and coved corners for ease of cleaning
  • 60 minute timer, solid state temperature controller, manual tilt operation
  • 10 gauge stainless steel satin finish exterior and polished interior
  • Skillet pan is 9” (229 mm) deep with etched gallon or liter markings
  • Four adjustable 6” flanged feet


  • Single Pantry Faucet
  • Double Pantry Faucet
  • Single Pantry Spray Hose
  • Double Pantry Spray Hose
  • Single Pantry Faucet with 60” Spray Hose
  • Double Pantry Faucet with 60” Spray Hose
  • 2” Draw-Off Valve with Strainer
  • 2” Tangent Draw-Off Valve with Drain Hose Assembly
  • Power Tilt
  • Pan Support
  • Pan Holder Inserts
  • Pouring Lip Strainer
  • Caster Kit with Strain Relief
  • Prison package, includes lockable stainless steel hinged control cover, tamper proof screws
  • Drain Cup Assembly
  • Pull-Out Sliding Sink Drain Draw with Splash
  • Shield for Open Leg Skillets
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