Crown Steam Group warrants that the equipment, as supplied by the factory to the original purchasers, is free from defects in materials and workmanship. Should any part thereof become defective as a result of normal use within the period and limits defined below, then at the option of Crown Steam Group such parts will be repaired or replaced by Crown Steam Group or its Authorized Service Agency. This warranty is subject to the following conditions:

Repairs under this warranty are to be performed by a Crown Steam Group Authorized Service Agency. Crown Steam Group cannot be responsible for charges incurred or service performed by non-Crown Steam Group Authorized Agencies. In all cases the closest Crown Steam Group Authorized Service Agency must be used.

One year labor, one year parts effective from the date of original purchase. The authorized service agency will require proof of purchase before performing warranty repairs.

Exceptions to standard warranty, effective within above limitations:

  • Alkaline batteries are not covered under warranty.
  • Maximum 90 days parts and labor warranty covers the following from date of installation: Glass windows, door seals, rubber seals, light bulbs, spark igniters, ceramic burner tiles, sight glasses, cathodic descalers or anodes, broiler briquettes and drip shields.
  • Pressure Steam Boiler Shell – Prorated 2 years extended warranty on boiler shell only – no labor.
    Boiler shells which have not been properly maintained will not be covered by warranty. In all cases, parts covered by a five year warranty will be shipped FOB the factory after the first year.
  • Kettles – Standard 10 year warranty on hemispheric bottom.


  • Equipment failure relating to improper installation. Examples are: improper utility connection, improper utilities supply and problems due to ventilation.
  • Equipment that has not been properly maintained. Examples are: calibration of controls, adjustments to pilots and burners, damage from improper cleaning, and water damage to controls.
  • Equipment that has not been used in an appropriate manner, or has been subject to misuse or misapplication, neglect, abuse, accident, damage during transit or delivery, fire, flood, riot, or act of mother nature. If the equipment has been changed, altered, modified or repaired by other than a qualified service technician during or after the limited warranty period, then the manufacturer shall not be liable for any damages to any person or to any property which may result from the use of the equipment thereafter.


Equipment failure caused by inadequate water quality is not covered under warranty. WATER QUALITY must not exceed the following limits: Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) – 60 PPM (Parts Per Million). Hardness – 2 Grains or 35 PPM, PH Factor – 7.0 to 7.5. Water pressure 30 PSI minimum, 60 PSI maximum. Boiler maintenance is the responsibility of the owner and is not covered by warranty.

Crown Steam Group does not assume any liability for extended delays in replacing or repairing any items in the equipment beyond the control of Crown Steam Group. “Crown Steam Group shall not be liable for consequential or special damages of any nature that may arise in connection with such product or part.” Should service be required at times which normally involve premium labor rates, the owner shall be charged for the difference between normal service rates and such premium rates.

This warranty only covers product shipped into the 48 contiguous United States, Alaska and Hawaii. This equipment is intended for commercial use only. Warranty is void if equipment is installed in other than commercial application. Warranty on all replacement parts which are replaced in the field by Crown Steam Group Authorized Service Agencies will be limited to three months on labor, and materials (parts) effective from the date of installation. See LIMITED WARRANTY – REPLACEMENT PARTS for conditions and limitations. “THE FOREGOING WARRANTY IS IN LIEU OF ANY AND ALL OTHER WARRANTIES EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED INCLUDING ANY IMPLIED WARRANTY OF MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS, AND CONSTITUTES THE ENTIRE LIABILITY OF Crown Steam Group. IN NO EVENT DOES THE LIMITED WARRANTY EXTEND BEYOND THE DURATION OF ONE YEAR FROM THE EFFECTIVE DATE OF SAID WARRANTY -EXCEPT WHERE NOTED.”

Crown Steam Group’s warranty of product is limited to one year from date of purchase on both parts and labor, however the term of warranty shall not exceed 18 months from date of purchase from the factory and covers installations in the continental United States & Canada only. Crown Steam Group reserves the right to service equipment and or provide replacements on a prorated basis throughout the warranty term as deemed appropriate by Crown Steam Group. Any equipment removed from the operators facility without the written approval of Crown Steam Group prior is done so at the responsibility of the party doing so. Crown Steam Group will not accept any return or continue any repair unless written authorization is given prior to removal. Any party removing equipment does so at their own expense and liability. This warranty is as designated in Crown Steam Group’s published Limited Warranty.

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