The Crown Story

From his first day at Bardeau limited in 1955, Joe Stritzl started his career in the Foodservice Industry. Working his way up to becoming General Manager at Bardeau, Joe parted from the company in 1980 seeking to grow his own ideas around steam and to start a company focused solely on the production of steam cooking equipment. Bardeau later would be sold and become Cleveland Kettles.

In the mid 90’s, Southbend’s operating company in Canada (Escan) shifted its production of steam vessels to Crown Foodservice Equipment. At the same time, Crown purchased and improved the gas kettle designs from Southbend (Escan). This was the beginning of the long tenured relationship that existed between Crown Foodservice and Middleby. Crown now had a complete line of both gas and electric vessels to offer the marketplace.

Over the years, Crown has produced OEM product for numerous major companies in Foodservice. To name several; Middleby (Southbend, Blodgett, and Market Forge), ITW (Vulcan, Hobart Canada), Entree (Solaris), Steam Can, Accutemp, and prior Garland/ Welbilt, Legion, as well as accessories to Groen. Needless to say, Joe Strizzl and Crown Foodservice Equipment has been the back bone of steam cooking system in the Foodservice Industry for years.

With the addition of Crown Foodservice Equipment into the Middleby Corporation, Middleby now not only continues its long history of providing high quality steam products to the industry, but now also offers the strength and dependability of backing up the brands with the factory itself. This addition allows certain dependability Middleby has become known for. It shows, as do all Middleby brands, that we remain focused on our customers first, and drive our businesses as such.

2019 NAFEM marked for us the gathering of our industry every other year, but this year we celebrate the launching of Crown Steam Group and the Crown brand name to be sold to the Foodservice community for the first time. Not only will Crown represent the great products it has historically been known for producing, but will also manufacture the unique and high-quality Market Forge Brand. Together, with Crown, Market Forge and Firex, no other Steam company offers such a broad line of steam equipment packed with depth and technology, as exists with the Crown Steam Group.

Crown Steam Group, A Middleby Corporation Company
1100 Old Honeycutt Road
Fuquay-Varina, NC 27526
Tel: 919-762-1000
Fax: 919-762-1121

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Contact Us Online


Front Desk: 919-762-1000

Office/Sales Staff
John Perruccio Group President Mobile: 561-843-1133
Phil Tribel General Manager Direct: 919-762-1046
Nick Dennis Director of Operations Direct: 919-762-1022
CL Woodward VP of Business Development Mobile: 773-960-2289
Jason Hall VP of Regional Sales and Culinary Development Mobile: 704-617-2874
Chris Reeves VP of Sales - Southbend - Canada Mobile: 651-968-7998
Bryant Woolcock VP of Regional Sales - Mid-Central/Gulf States Mobile: 717-773-2219
Robert Tribfelner VP of Regional Sales - Northeast Mobile: 989-891-6543
Steve Fabretti VP of Regional Sales - Southeast Mobile: 570-582-7022

Customer Service

Helpline: 919-762-1000 Option 1

Customer Service Staff
Jocelyn Perkins Team Manager - Crown Steam Group Direct: 919-762-1037
Tawnya Austiff Customer Care Specialist Direct: 919-762-1077

Technical Service

Helpline: 919-762-1000 Option 2

Technical Service Staff
Rob Taylor Director of Services Direct: 919-762-1021
Jeff Bartley Technical Service - West Coast Direct: 919-762-1034
Charles White Technical Service - Southeast Direct: 919-762-1043
Jim Suvak Technical Service - Midwest Direct: 919-762-1036
Roger McLane Technical Support Specialist Direct: 919-762-1082
After Hours Technical Service - After Hours Cell Phone Mobile: 919-909-1384

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